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Luoyang Wangli Heavy Machinery Co., LTD, is located in Luoxin Industrial Park, Luoyang city where is not only the center of machinery manufacturing, but also rich of outstanding people with the honest folk custom, adjoining Wang Xiang’s hometown that is one of the places of origin of Chinese Twenty-Four Filial Piety. Wangli Heavy Machinery has extracted the essence of machinery manufacturing and inherited the central Chinese simple and honest features. Henan Famous Brand “Luoyang Heavy Machinery” enjoys high reputation both at home and abroad.


Wangli Heavy Machinery is mainly engaged in the designing and manufacturing of large machinery components and non-standard machinery parts, including shafts, gears, sprockets, sheaves, couplings, bearing supports, castings and forgings etc. The products are mainly used in the fields of mining, petroleum, cement, steel mill, power plant, sugar factory etc. The material of products can reach more than one hundred types, which can meet different national standards. After over 20 years of development, Wangli Heavy Machinery has become a benchmarking enterprise in machinery industry, which occupies a leading position in numerical control machining and heat treatment in the central south area of China.


The core technical engineers in Wangli Heavy Machinery all come from the domestic famous enterprises such as CITIC Heavy Industries with decades of experience in designing and manufacturing, They participated in the designing and manufacturing rails of the largest radio telescope in Asia and forging dies for airplanes for the military industry. The various products from Wangli Heavy Machinery have been already recognized by different customers. As an innovator in machinery manufacturing industry, Wangli Heavy Machinery has stood out from the market by excellent quality, advanced facility, exquisite manufacturing process and strict testing.


Professional and persistent, constantly striving for perfection. Wangli Heavy Machinery can offer the service according to customers working conditions for designing, making measurements at working site, and suggesting new material and new manufacturing process in order to improve lifespan of machinery parts. Various large non-standard machinery products have been already sold to the whole China and exported to 38 countries including the United States, Russia, Germany, Spain, and India etc.


With bold innovation and constantly transcendence, Wangli Heavy Machinery has passed the certification of ISO9001-2008 in 2005 and achieved more than 30 national patents for years. It has been awarded as “Director Unit of World Eminence Chinese Business Association”, “Luoyang Top 100 Technical Innovation Company”, “Research Base of Nanjing Engineering College”, “Affiliated Institutions of Luoyang Heat Treatment Committee” and “ Demonstration Base of Alibaba B2B Cross-Border Electric Commerce”.


Wangli Heavy Machinery has always been adhering to the corporate philosophy of scientific management, advanced consciousness, comprehensive guidance, and excellent product. From manufacturing to creating, from chasing to going beyond, the company will pursue to forge legends with the strength!


5 Senior Engineers with 30 working experiences in CITIC Heavy Industries Established Wangli Machinery in 2002

Produced Spare Parts for Mining and Cement Industry for CITIC Heavy Industries

Designed and Produced Sprockets for Mining Conveyor Instead of Imported Sprockets from USA

Produced Working Rolls, Supporting Rolls for Rolling MIll for China Second Heavy Industries

Produced 94 pieces Conveying Rolls for Shanggang Group


Passed ISO9001 in 2005

Produced Tube Mould for Xinxing Ductile Iron Pipes(Inside Diameter 2200mm)

Produced Tube Plate for Bolier Preheater for Xinan Chemical Machinery(Diameter 800-3360mm)


Trademarks Register for “Wangli” and “Luozhong” in 2006

Produced Spare Parts for 60MW Bolier for Dongfang Bolier Group

Produced Rotor Forgings with Q&T for Steam Turbine for Dong Fang Turbine( 6000kw - 60000kw)


Achieved the title of “Top 100 Private Company ” in Luoyang in 2007

Produced Wind Power Shaft for Wind Turbine for Suzlon, India (600kw - 3.6mw)

Produced 55T Bottom Cylinder for 12000T Forging Oil Press for Taiyuan Heavy Industries


Achieved the Research Base of Nanjing Engineering College in 2009

Achieved the Research Base of Luoyang Heat Treatment Committee in 2009

Produced BOP body(7-1/16”-21-1/4”)and Stablizer(7-3/4”-28”) with Q&T for Oil Drilling Tools for USA

Produced Cylinder Forgings with Q&T for Hydrogenator for China First Heavy Industries


Designed and Produced Circular Rail for the Largest Radio Telescope in Asia(Outer Diameter 42m) in 2010

Produced Die Forging Mould for Military Vehicle

Produced Machine Frames for Precision Forging Press for Austria


Signed Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Russian Partners in Supplying Spare Parts for Mining Excavators in 2011

Produced the Biggest Rotary Forging Machine for Pipe Forging in China

Produced Die Forging Mould for Military Plane


Achieved Vice President of Association of Luoyang Chamber of E-Commerce in 2013

Achieved the Council Member of WECBA in 2013

Produced Swing Rolling Machine Used for Forging of Car Parts, which Save More than 30% of Original Materials


Achieved 11 National Patents in 2014

Achieved Technical Innovation Company Identified by Government in Henan Province in 2014

Produce Forging in Stainless Steel for Ship in Russia

Produce Forging with Q&T for Environmental Protection Equipment for HOWDEN, UK.

Be Interviewed by National Media People’s Daily Online


Participated in World Expo in Milan on behalf of Luoyang, China in 2015

Achieved Vice President of Association of Luoxin Industry Park in 2015

Achieved Awards of 1.5 Million Yuan for Technical Innovation identified by Luoyang Government in 2015


Our products are already sold to 29 countries and we are still studying and working hard to sell our produts all over the world.

OEM Machinery Parts Supplier

Over 30 years experiance in manufacturing OEM machinery parts and non standard machinery Parts according to engineer drawings.

Technical Supports for Material

Technical supports for new material and new manufacturing process according to customers working conditions in order to improve lifespan of machinery parts.

Military Quality

Participating in the designing and manufacturing rail for the largest radio telescope in Asia and forging dies for the airplane for the military industry.

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