DIN 17CrNiMo6 Gear Shaft

DIN 17CrNiMo6 Gear Shaft

DIN 17CrNiMo6 Gear Shaft

Material: Carbon, Alloy and Stainless Steel
Standard: ASTM, DIN, EN, GOST, JIS, ETC.
Structure: Forging, Casting or Welding
Heat Treatment: Q&T, Induction Quenching
Module of Gear: 8-120
Gear Grinding: MAX. Module 24
Nondestructive Testing: UT,MT,RT,PT
Diameter of Gear MAX.13 000 mm
Diameter of Spiral Gear: MAX. 2 200 mm
Length of Gear Shaft: MAX. 5 000 mm
Segments Gear Offered: According to Customer Requests
OEM Service Offered: According to Drawings


We can manufacture different type of gears according to drawings.

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